What Affects the Cost of An Auto Warranty

The price of an extended auto warranty can vary a lot and the range of costs in fact depends on a variety of factors, with car age, mileage and make and model being the most important ones. Other contributing factors are the cost of the deductible and the type of coverage linked with the policy. Drivers who cautiously read the contract and realize the conditions of the plan before buying one will save money at first and in the future.

Cost of a Used Car Extended Warranty

A used-car warranty can charge as little as $65 and as much as $3400. Other than the factors listed above, it also depends on where you buy it. It is much cheaper to purchase direct through a good warranty company than it is to buy it through a dealership.

Extended Car Warranty

Clearly, if you are looking for warranty for coverage on a $50,000 car, you can surely expect to pay much more than someone who wants to insure the typical vehicle.

You can definitely save a tremendous amount of money by evaluating quotes from several companies using an online comparison website that permits you to see what various companies charge based upon the make, model and year of auto. This is undoubtedly, the most suitable and convenient way of making an educated decision and not being taken to the cleaners when it is the time to make a claim on a repair bill.

Used-car extended warranties are a main profit of in car dealerships and you can anticipate paying a lot more money for a service contract if you procure it at a dealership. Many people are not conscious that you can buy an extended warranty for your car at any time. You do not have to make a quick decision in a dealership finance office.

Finance managers will often indirectly force you to make a fast decision about an extended car warranty because they tell you that you can just add it your monthly payment. What you are not aware of is that you can get an extended warranty for pennies on the dollar in comparison to what they charge at dealerships. There are legal companies that can offer you exceptional coverage with no deductible costs.

Recognizing the condition and comparing quotes will surely help you make a better decision, and help from the best features you can get for the cost range you want to pay.

How is the Price of an Automotive Warranty Influenced?

Some companies are known for parts that easily break. Owners of these vehicles will have hard time finding a low priced automotive warranty because companies do not want to take on that responsibility. The same goes for older cars that are more likely to collapse or encounter mechanics or electrical problems. Based on the type of car and the year it was made, extended automobile warranty prices reflect this.

There are a few different types of coverage offered by warranty packages. They range from the most comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage to basic powertrain, and everything in between. Obviously, the warranty with the greatest coverage is going to be the most expensive. However, not all cars qualify. You need to talk to a salesperson at a dealership or a reputable third party warranty company to learn which options are accessible to you and your car.

Auto warranty companies do not always give the full amount of the cost of the repair. There is a small deductible that the owner of the car is liable for paying that is drawn round in the terms of the agreement.

There are two different types:

  • Cost per-visit
  • Cost per-repair

Though cost per-visit has a higher premium, the latter one leaves the driver at risk of paying hundred of dollars for the repair of several parts even though they are fixed during the same visit.

An extended automotive warranty is a big tool for car owners to guard themselves and their investment. Based on a few variables, you will save money now and down the road when potentially pricey repairs are required and again when it is time to resell the car.

What Role Does the Condition of the Car Plays?

If you are shopping around for auto warranties, you have to remember that every auto warranty plan comes with certain limitations or conditions. Most auto warranty companies list your coverage inclusions on the warranty contract. However, since most companies mainly promote the auto warranty inclusions and often fail to reveal what’s not covered by the policy, you need to assess the contract carefully.

While some firms cost you a deductible amount, others might limit the number of claims you file within a definite period. You may also have to pay the complete cost of repairs upfront and have the company pay back you this sum after you send them your receipts.

Keep in mind, you also stand a chance of having you claim rejected. All auto warranty firms list definite needs that you require to follow, so that you can avail of the benefits from your policy. Some firms also decide the condition of your vehicle before giving you an auto warranty quote.

Pre-Existing Conditions


Before offering you an extended auto warranty plan, various companies examine your vehicle to decide if it has pre-existing conditions. If the car has an old engine or bad transmission, you are possibly to be offered a policy with limited coverage. In spite of the fact that your vehicle has a pre-existing condition you can decide to purchase a higher coverage if you are willing to pay a higher price. Used vehicles in specific are given a higher auto warranty quote.

Certified pre-owned vehicles in contrast, are obtainable with the limited manufacturer warranty and the extended certified car warranty program. Though the cost of buying a certified pre owned car may be more than that of a used vehicle, you are possibly to benefit in terms of auto warranty.



Some companies also list clauses about pre-existing vehicle conditions, on the contract. Even after qualifying a vehicle inspection, if the company can prove that the car had a pre-existing condition that caused the damage of which you are filing a claim, they will refuse your claim. Except for this, some firms won’t cover wear and tear expenses and damages caused by aftermarket parts that were put in the vehicle. You will therefore have to think again before purchasing an extended warranty, if your car has been importantly re-modified or tampered with, else you will have to bear the cost of repairs.

Condition of the Car

As a car owner you are also required to follow regular servicing schedules explained in the owner’s guide. In case you fail to do so, your claims will be denied and this might also void the warranty altogether. You have to keep to the needs mentioned on your contract so that the condition of the vehicle does not get worse.

In order you buy a plan that offers you good coverage at a sensible price, use online auto warranty comparison offered by us. This will permit you to compare the policies provided by various aftermarket auto warranty companies. Though price matters, you have to also ensure that you deal with a dependable company that has quick claims handling and high consumer satisfaction rating.

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