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Deductible: $100
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Car Rental Assistance: yes
Road Side Assistance: yes
Flat Tier Assistance: yes
Lock out assistance: yes
Web: orias.com

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  • Desertrose | 09/18/12, 5:43 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    When I bought my new house (which is only 6 years old) last month I was comforted in adding the expense of the home warrenty with Old Republic. What a joke this company is! Within a few weeks one of the toilets came lose from the floor. I called for a repair and paid my $55 only to be told it was a “pre-existing” condition and a part was missing. A part? The toilet was working fine the first couple of weeks?. What part could that have been? After paying this $55 for nothing, I had to pay the plumber $250 more to fix this?. Now a few weeks later the salt water system for the pool stopped working/. The guy who maintains the pool has been shocking it to keep the water clear the last two weeks|. I called for a repair only to be told that they will not cover the repair of this because it’s not normal “wear and tear”|. It was caused by water hitting the fixtures,. I paid about an additional $300 to included my salt water pool system on this policy and they won’t repair it because water caused the damage? Can they be serious???? I really regret wasting the money I spent on this home warrenty policy|. I would suggest to others to read reviews before making such an important purchase”. This company will use any excuse they can come up with to avoid paying on any claims.

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