Gold Key Protection

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Auto Warranty Plan Details and Reviews for Gold Key Protection
Deductible: $100
Waiting Period: 30 days
Car Rental Assistance: yes
Road Side Assistance: yes
Flat Tire Assistance: no
Lock out assistance: yes

Overall Rating: Not Available Why?

Total Reviews: 1

One Review

  • Frank Verea | 09/03/12, 10:32 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating

    Run Run Away from these scam artist they will do anything and everything to not pay for they approve for repair sticking you with it, the onwer is in OK City here is his number 405-288-0989, drive up and see him if he screwed you. That redneck scum in Alabama only tries to prevent you form forward and finding his low life boss.

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