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Auto Warranty Plan Details and Reviews for American Guardian Warranty Services
Deductible: $$0-200
Waiting Period:
Car Rental Assistance: yes
Road Side Assistance:
Flat Tire Assistance: yes
Lock out assistance:

Overall Rating: Not Available Why?

Total Reviews: 3


  • Tjironwulf | 08/30/12, 5:37 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating

    stay away from these guys I have had nothing but problems my car has been in the shop since 6/17/2009 and here we are 8/12/2009 …give you any idea of what kind of service you might get

    whats even better is that we practically had to beg to get and inspector out to even look at it to approve the work…..still waiting for approval …i guess if you could get them to return a phone call ….they don’t seam very motivated to do that ..

    (just ignore him maybe he will go away) must be there policy

    bottom line is that I have a jeep siting in a shop with a work needing to be done no idea and no response back on when or even if they will fix it

    if it was owner neglect that caused this then of course I don’t expect them to pay for something that was ( my fault ) But that’s not the case

    let me say again I paid for a warranty on my jeep …and now I’m paying a car payment and insurance on a car I cant drive and its the only car I have, so I have had to deal with finding a way back and for to work and anything else …glad I have a skate board …. really happy about that …..

    I would stay away from these guys like I said I would not wish them on my worst enemy

  • Anonymous | 08/30/12, 5:38 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating

    My vehicle (a 2002 Chevy Tahoe) began making a few odd noises. I then took it to my local Chevrolet dealership for a diagnostic and repairs as I always do. The list turned out to be as follows:

    – AC compressor locked up – replacement of compressor, serpentine belt and all related components.

    – Inner & outer tie rod ends on passenger side – replacement of both

    – Rattle in the steering column – replace steering shaft

    – They also found a bolt broken on the exhaust manifold.

    I was quite surprised at the repair list b/c I had just bought the vehicle a few months prior. Luckily it had the bumper to bumper warranty. Being that I have dealt with warranty companies before I was careful that I followed procedure. I left all warranty contact info for the dealer and expected to get my vehicle back in a day or two.

    That was definitely not the case. I received a call from the dealer that of their bill of around $3,000, the warranty was going to pay $1300 or so. I was shocked at this so-called bumper to bumper warranty. Long story short, I called customer service myself to inquire. I was told that they only pay a certain amount per labor hour and for the replacement parts. Of course at the chevy dealership, their labor rate was quite a bit higher and they want to use certified GM parts, etc. I was told that was where the difference was.

    Reluctantly I understood where they are coming from – I can’t expect them to pay the highest prices for the services that could be gotten cheaper elsewhere. So, out of cooperation (and that I wanted everything to be covered) I found out that they pay $80 per labor hour. Chevy was at $103. So I called around and found a shop that works for $82 per hour. They are a national chain and professionally recognized with their own 12 mo. Warranty on repairs so I had no hesitation. I thought, well, I will pay the extra $2 per hour to get this over with. The total bill for this place for the same repairs came to $2,022. Of course the warranty company came back with the same price they will pay – $1300. I talked to the manager of the repair facility who was very helpful and said that the part prices they were willing to pay were actually UNDER his cost! So, I called customer service again to find out what the deal was. I was told they simply go to a public auto parts website to get their prices. I went to that website and looked up the exact parts I needed. Their prices were in fact there on the web site, but in digging in further, I found they were not even looking at the part – they simply put in the vehicle info and immediately chose the cheapest part in the list that would fit. Believe it or not, these parts actually did not even include a warranty! Just on the tie rod ends there was a price difference of $50 each.

    Another issue to this company is that customers are not allowed to speak with the dealer reps. So, I had to ask the manager at the repair facility to call and basically argue for me?. He was very nice and was willing to do this”. He finally, after all was said and done, was able to get me $50 more on my claim!. Both he and the rep at the Chevy dealership said that was the worst warranty company they had ever dealt with and wanted to never call them again’. They were very rude and uncaring to myself or the repair facilities’.

    So, in a nut shell I was stuck with an almost $800 bill and my wife was without a car for almost a month;. Luckily I did not buy the warranty or I would be very irate at the money I would have wasted;. But, I was almost equally upset b/c when I bought the vehicle this warranty came with it, so I was under the impression I was covered bumper to bumper:. Buyers beware – avoid American Guardian at all costs!

  • Dee | 10/11/12, 6:08 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating

    I submitted the necessary photos and explanations of the broken chairs from my Thomasville furniture. I enclosed the proof of money paid for the extended 5-year policy from the dealer that they tell you covers “everything”. They did not cover anything at all on the chairs and refused to honor the warranty that I did indeed pay for $249.00 (2 separate polices as well, for 2 separate dining sets!) I will never, ever recommend Guardian to any consumer; they make you pay and you get no service at all!

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