American Auto Shield

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Auto Warranty Plan Details and Reviews for American Auto Shield
Deductible: $100
Waiting Period: 30 days
Car Rental Assistance: yes
Road Side Assistance: yes
Flat Tire Assistance: yes
Lock out assistance: yes

Overall Rating: Not Available Why?

Total Reviews: 1

One Review

  • Homemakersusie | 09/18/12, 5:34 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating

    American Auto Shield, LLC is a rip off. You buy a warranty for a used vehicle and they promise you the moon. When you need them for the first time, it is like pulling teeth?. The warranty won’t cover anything?. The claims department hung up on me/. They insulted the garage I had my vehicle towed to that diagnosed the problem|. My wife’s car had a different warranty company, had the same garage do the all the work and all it took was 1 phone call for approval;. Not American Auto Shield”. They don’t want to cover anything and want to argue with the garage/.

    Never use this warranty company:. THey are based out of Arvada, Co but I live in PA and have this useless warranty.

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